Body Waxing

Waxperts strip wax is used on the legs and forearms. Waxperts hot wax is used on the underarms and all types of bikini waxes. The waxperts waxing method ensures any wax treatment you choose is as hygienic and comfortable as possible. Waxperts pre and post treatment products are used for all methods of hair removal ensuring the cleanest and safest treatment possible.


Avoid sun exposure, sauna, swimming pools and perfumed products on the area for 24 hours.
Avoid exfoliating products on the area for 72 hours
Do use waxperts wonder pads between appointments to gently exfoliate skin and avoid ingrown hairs.

Do I need a patch test?

Yes. Patch tests can be booked online or by phone.

What wax do you use?

We use Waxperts Wax which is suitable for sensitive skin. No double dipping policy and hot peel of wax is used for the face, bikini and underarm. Strip wax is used on the arm and leg.

What is hot wax?

It’s a hard or peelable wax that is peeled off. It shrink wraps around the hair and lifts it up from the follicle and simply peels off.
Suitable for facial, underarm and bikini waxing. It is great for sensitive skin.

What is strip wax?

This is a wax that uses a paper strip to remove the wax and unwanted hair.

Can I get waxed while pregnant?

Yes. We will go through what you need to know during your pregnancy waxes.

Can I get threading instead of waxing on the face?

Yes. Waxing is the most popular form of hair removal but threading is also available and very effective for facial waxing especially if you cannot get waxed.

Is there any reason why waxing would not be suitable for me?

If you have been on prescriptive Accutane in the past you must wait a year before considering this treatment. Not suitable if you’ve been exposed to the sun or sunbeds for 72 hours. Not suitable if you are burnt. Not suitable if you have been using Retinol or Retin A on the face.

What is the best way to book a waxing appointment?

The best way to book this treatment is online or by phone.

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